Skill Sports Challenge

Skill Sports Challenge

Quasar Studios are the proud founders of a mobile gaming and marketing platform created to allow spectators to enter competitions by playing their...

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Cosmictopia is brought to you by Quasar Studios Ltd, a company specialising in online and mobile interactive skill gaming solutions which offers both modern and digitally...

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About us


Quasar Studios is a UK registered company(04353485), founded in 2002 the company boasts a portfolio of turnkey gaming solutions and online game design for clients around the world. Our "branded/designed for client" games are commonly used for viral marketing campaigns thanks to their fun and addictive properties and have proven to be a a huge success in driving traffic to our clients websites with some games reaching over half a million views in under 6 weeks. Our most recent venture was created to offer a skill games service available in over 22 countries and in 6 different languages. Being closely involved in the gaming sector we observed our competitors and noticed that there was little or no transparency in prizes and that the chance of winning could be minimal to someone with little gaming experience.

We quickly decided to launch Cosmictopia with a clear prize distribution amongst our real play games making our members fully aware of what they would win when entering a tournament furthermore creating runner up prizes and offering reward schemes like no other for our loyal users. Our company takes pride in creating fun, creative and fair games for the world to enjoy. If you are a business interested in game design for a marketing campaign or are interested in working with us feel free to contact our friendly team on the details below:

Quasar Studios Limited
Mossfield House
Chesham Fold Road
Telephone: +44(0)161 885 2000